Newcastle man jailed after trying to meet children for sex, again

Paedophile hunters confronted a vulnerable man wearing Batman pyjamas after he tried to meet children for sex – months after he walked free for doing exactly the same thing.

A court heard he also sent a picture of his genitals and told some of them he was a “paedo”.

Milne was already on a suspended prison sentence for similar offending and when he was caught out for a second time, his dad was heard saying on a video taken by vigilantes at their front door “Again?”.

As the 24-year-old was jailed, a judge said he was “appalled” that Milne’s innocent family have been evicted from their home as a result of his offending and “the way they have been treated by the (paedophile hunting) groups concerned.”

Newcastle Crown Court heard the offences came to light as a consequence of “self-styled groups policing the internet”, including Predator Hunter and Guardians of the North.

Imposing a 10 month-sentence, Recorder Ben Nolan QC told him: “The offences were committed within a matter of months of a suspended sentence being imposed on you in June last year for similar offences.